Rafael del Molino

Rafael del Molino

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

[email protected]

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with more than 15 years of experience in the jewelry sector and more than 25 years as a computer software developer. I have designed and created products such as RhinoGold or Clayoo.

I am passionate about helping jewelry business leaders to grow their business and boost their sales with 2Shapes. Our 3D jewelry cloud software that enables real-time custom design in store.

Through my experience and the continuous industry assessment, I identified the areas where we could impact jewelry business performance. The result of this analysis is translated into 2Shapes, the solution that understands how to make your jewelry businesses healthier and more efficient in terms of design, marketing, supply chain, and sales.

Rafael del Molino


c/ Las Fuentes 7
50180 Utebo (Zaragoza) Spain

With CIF B66937251 in the Commercial Register of BARCELONA.
(T 45754 , F 153, S 8, H B 497991, I/A 1 ( 2.02.17).)

BOE, Boletín Oficial del Registro Mercantil Núm. 88, Pág. 21253.

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