31 October 2018
The future of medicine, 3D printed pills
3D printed polypills, an integration of multiple medications into a single pill.

People's experience with medication is often confusing by the number of pills, instructions, side effects, one-size-fits-all dosing; and the fact is that many drugs don't work for those who are prescribed to them. This is why Daniel Kraft exposes that

The top 10 grossing drugs in the United States this year, they only benefit one in four to one in 23 of who take them."

Daniel Kraft detected an issue into society: many people who needed to take medications are not taking them or are taking them incorrectly, and a huge amount of them are having from 5 to 15 pills per day. His response? 3D printed polypills, an integration of multiple medications into a single pill.

3D printed pills like Spritam has been a technological breakthrough in both Medical industry and 3D industry. It is a way of looking up to the future and showing the world that 3D printing can be a great solution to many social issues.

The 3D printing drugs technology will be also able to personalize your own polypills. Monitoring our bodies we will be able to print the suitable polypills for our organism, with the exact doses and adapted to our everyday health care.

We are now in the 3D printing era, where this technology can be applicable to many industries, and 2Shapes is glad of being part of it. Who knows in which projects could we be involved in the future? We hope they would be as amazing as 3D printed pills.

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