16 June 2018
3D: An Unstoppable Force
3D industry has become as Forbes published in May 2018 “an unstoppable force”. Learn how to draw on the endless possibilities of 3D with 2Shapes.

In a constantly changing world, where the takt times are continously getting shorter and shorter, the 3D industry has become as Forbes published in May 2018 “an unstoppable force”.

According to the Forbes article, 3D printers will be at the heart of full-scale production capabilities in several industries, from aerospace to automotive to health care to fashion.

What was once a niche service, is now predicted to revolutionize the world of production. Giving freedom to experiment, 3D opens doors to innovation for all kind of business, from the solo entrepreneur to big enterprises.

But are we ready? Do we have the knowledge and tools to adapt to such a revolutionary change?

2Shapes was born with the aim of making accessible 3D for everyone and anywhere. A cloud service that through collaborative workspaces enables working with all types of 3D models in the easiest way possible.

No experience or training is needed, 2Shapes is the key tool for this change of paradigm. So don’t hesitate and draw on the endless possibilities that 3D can bring. Start now! https://app.2shapes.com

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