14 November 2018

Is 3D giving us the chance of feeling unique?

Around 7500 millions of people, 7000 people, and 194 countries. Even so, many industries still think that we are all the same. All, except the 3D industry. One thing we are sure of and is that it is not that we want to feel unique, it’s that we are unique.

It is a well-known fact that the future goes through the customization of all the products. At first glance, it could seem utopic but, beyond suppositions and hypothesis, is customization possible?

The answer is yes, using 3D. Indeed, in many industries, 3D is already being used.

Automotive production is facing major challenges: our customers are increasingly expecting more personalization options. At the same time, complexity is increasing with the number of new models,” states Dr. Goede. Volkswagen director of production and logistics “That’s why we are relying on state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a smooth and fast production,

Volkswagen has been experimenting with the technology for several years now, though the use cases are only just coming to light.
Furthermore, released a case study of 3D printed tooling for car assembly, which seems to be the future of this industry. At the same time, other car brands such as Audi or Porsche also demonstrated their interest in 3D printed “reproduction on demand.”

On the other side, with nothing in common at first glance, but with the same objective, 3d customized orthodontics are already being done, concretely about 8 million per year. In the end, the 3D industry works as a link between products of all industries and the real needs of each person. Provides possible solutions for the needs of different people

All this innovative technology is nothing without inquisitive and creative minds that go beyond the limits and think about the unimaginable. Are you one of this minds?

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