4 December 2020
2Shapes courses on Tabletwise
Check out our courses on Tabletwise!

We want to be the most accessible solution in the market, and have our courses and learning material available for anyone, everywhere, and with the best quality possible.

That's why we host our courses on YouTube, Udemy, and now TabletWise also joins the party!

TabletWise is a platform that offers all kinds of courses, from languages to maths, going through sciences, humanities... and 2Shapes Courses.

Now you can find the Discover 2Shapes Cloud, Discover 2Shapes for Rhino, and 3D Jewelry Design Training with 2Shapes for Rhino courses available on TabletWise:

Discover 2Shapes Cloud

The best way to learn on your own how to set up your business on 2Shapes Cloud, and start selling, designing, and manufacturing your products on your pace.

Discover 2Shapes for Rhino

A course is organized into 3 easy-to-follow lessons, that will help you get on your feet and start designing with the most powerful plugin for jewelry design in the market.

3D Jewelry Design Training with 2Shapes for Rhino

A live training sessions where Rafael del Molino, CEO and Founder of 2Shapes and other solutions like RhinoGold and Clayoo, join Xavier Garcia from the sales team to tackle all features of 2Shapes for Rhino while answering feedback from students and take on requests.


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