28 September 2020
2Shapes eCommerce 2.0, New Version
2Shapes is getting buffed up with six new and amazing features that will blow your mind! Find out which website, analytics, and marketing platforms is getting integrations with.

2Shapes is getting buffed up with six new and amazing features that will blow your mind!

The 2Shapes Websites module allows you to create a stunning website in just a few minutes, a site that customers from all around the world can visit, browse your catalog, create their own designs, and order all your products. And then, track your customers to know exactly what products are more popular, and what areas you must improve!

But what about businesses that already have a website, or use other tracking services, what has 2Shapes to for them?

Easy, 2Shapes is still the best option for you, regardless of the platform you use for your website or your marketing campaigns:

WordPress integration

WordPress is the most used website-creating platform ever with over 27 million live websites!

Do you have a website already created with WordPress, and want to offer the best customization option for your products? Look no further, as with 2Shapes you can easily add all customization options, catalog, and much more, directly on your site.


Shopify integration

Shopify reported having more than 1 million businesses in more than 175 countries in 2019!

Are you looking for a way to add more depth to product customization? Then 2Shapes is the right tool for you. With over 1.200 designs by default, create your own catalog and start selling worldwide from your Shopify site.


Integration for your website

Using Embed technology, you can add 2Shapes on virtually any website!

If you already have a website, but still want to provide the best customization experience to your customers, you can simply add 2Shapes to your site with only a few steps. It's as easy as copying and pasting a batch of code into your website.

2Shapes embed in a website

PayPal integration

There are over 325 million active accounts on PayPal sending payments, paying or getting paid!

Do you want to collect payments from all around the world, and the maximum security and comfort from your 2Shapes Ecommerce? Connect 2Shapes with your PayPal Token, and start receiving payments from your sales.


Yandex.Metrica integration

Working in over 8 million websites , Yandex.Metrica offers mouse recordings and site heatmaps , among other features!

Do you have a Yandex.Metrica account and want to benefit from it on your 2Shapes website? Now you can, just connect it with 2Shapes with your Yandex API key, and start tracking.


Mailchimp integration

We are joining the +300 apps that support Mailchimp, one of the leading marketing automation tools!

Just add your Mailchimp API key on your 2Shapes website settings, and you will start seeing your audiences growing with the customers that subscribe from your 2Shapes sites!


If you want to discover more about 2Shapes Cloud, and how it can help you sell more, design more, and easily manufacture your products, feel free to contact one of our specialists and enjoy a ride on 2Shapes:

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