2 July 2021
2Shapes for 3D Printing
3D designing and 3D printing couldn't be easier for jewelry businesses and designers

With 2Shapes, you can create designs on your PC, TV, or tablet in seconds, and with a single click, send your designs to your printer. You don't need additional software, technical knowledge, or long waits correcting files.

On 2Shapes everything is ready for print by default, so you don't have to invest time in nonsensical tasks. Focus on creating gorgeous bespoke jewelry pieces, 2Shapes takes care of the rest.

Compatible with all 3D printers

Searching for a program that will work with your new favorite 3D Printer? We would like to introduce you to the 2Shapes Suite. Design, Sell, and Manufacture from a single place! And print with one click!

Download your designs in STL or 3DM file formats.

Hundreds of designs and thousands of elements ready to be printed!

Hundreds of designs and thousands of elements ready to be printed! All of them are fully editable and combinable! There is no reason to wait to create your own collections and styles!

Designs on 2Shapes ready to be 3D printed

How to purchase 2Shapes?

We are present in more than 30 countries worldwide. Find your nearest reseller, training center, and trainer.

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2Shapes covers all tiers from small businesses to worldwide brands. Cutting edge technologies in reach of any business.