4 November 2021
2Shapes for Rhino 2.0 released!
The biggest update yet, is now available

We are pleased to announce that 2Shapes for Rhino 2.0 has been released. This update includes over 200 improvements, but we would like to tell you about the Top 10.

This new update is available for free to all 2Shapes users.

Pave and Prongs

Easily apply your unique style with this new pave command. The stones will be optimally placed and exactly where you like.

One Click to STL & Integrations with 3D Printers

2Shapes will point out what needs changing for your design to be printable and fix it for you to get your STL file and print it anywhere and anytime.

One Click to STL & Integrations with 3D Printers

Open from Cloud, get any design from the Suite

Bring the designs you have on 2Shapes Design directly to your Rhino, and edit them with no limits. All your team designs in one place.

The limit with Smart Profiles is your imagination!

Create organic & smooth designs with ease, no matter the shape, size, or complexity. Draw your outline and let 2Shapes dynamically bring your vision to reality.

Report, Gems Map and Gems List

Report to create automatic documents from your design in one click. Gems Map to create a graph for the setters, and Gems List to get detailed information about all the stones on your design.

Assets Selector and Assets Editor

Edit any asset directly inside 2Shapes for Rhino. Then, see how your modifications affect the element in real-time in any command and synchronize with 2Shapes Design Assets.


Being able to edit any design is essential, but the process must be easy and fast. It also is important to have the ability to edit any element individually to change its parameters, all in an agile and intuitive way.

Diamonds anywhere with Cutters

Select what gems need to be drilled, set the drill measurement, and run the boolean difference.

Diamonds anywhere with Cutters

Let your design sparkle with Gems by Network

Draw the bounds and let 2Shapes automatically fill it with gems. Then set sizes, spacing, and rotation to bring your vision to reality.

Dedicated Render Studio for amazing images & animations

2Shapes for Rhino features a Render Studio that along with our photo-realistic materials, will help you achieve best-quality renders, be it static images or jaw-dropping videos.

Dedicated Render Studio for amazing images & animations

Ready to start?

This update is free for users of 2Shapes Design and 2Shapes for Rhino. If you are not yet a user, you can buy your subscription for 500€ in our online store or your nearest reseller.

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