18 March 2022
2Shapes for Rhino 3.0 - New Update!
We are pleased to announce that 2Shapes for Rhino has been released

2Shapes for Rhino is available for Rhino 6.0 and Rhino 7.0, and the update is free for all 2Shapes for Rhino users.

Let's focus on the most important new features.

UI/UX Improvements

New improvements in the 2Shapes interface for Rhino, adapting to any screen size, from 4K to any small screen.

Bespoke Create and Sync

With the new Bespoke Create command, you can set any geometry created in Rhino as a 2Shapes Element to use it in any 2Shapes App, such as Retail or eCommerce, and keep them synchronized.

Princess Cut in Classic and Cathedral Ring

Princess cut gems are now parameters in Classic and Cathedral shanks. In addition, it allows you to choose if you want round or princess gems in one click.

Smart Profiles

The possibilities are unlimited, and we have now improved the mathematics so it adapts to any geometry, however complex as it may be.

We have also optimized it for computers with low memory resources.

Micro Settings - Improvements

We have improved the Micro Setting command, and to adapt to any design, we have new parameters for aligning profiles and caps.

New Rendering Materials - Waxes

New materials for rendering designs as prototypes.

Available in Blue, Green, and Yellow.

Elegoo Connector

2Shapes has connectors for popular 3D printers such as Asiga, FormLabs, B9, 3D Systems, and today we added the connector Elegoo printers.

Are you ready for purchase?

2Shapes for Rhino is available only for 500€ or US$600

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