26 February 2021
2Shapes Design for Rhino - Lightning-fast Performance
The Most Powerful Jewelry Plugin for Rhino Got Buffed-up

Yes! 2Shapes Design for Rhino receieved a new update that increases its performance, improving loading times, and calculation algorithms, making it a total beast.

We have invested lots of hours fine-tuning our Rhino plugin, to make it way more lightweight and fast. On the most recent version of the Beta you can experience the speed of our optimized and revolutionary algorithms that makes it the most efficient plugin for jewelry design of its tier.

These pioneering improvements open up huge amounts of possibilities for our development team, that has started working on ambitious parametric commands that will surely amaze you. Expect to see more these coming out soon!

Rendering three diamond rings on 2Shapes Design for Rhino
*Rendering three diamond rings on 2Shapes Design for Rhino

At 2Shapes we love developing tools that help jewelers improve their business and make it more efficient, with as little effort coming from the user as possible.

Our founder and CEO, Rafael del Molino, is using his 15 years of experience as product manager of world-shaking solutions like Rhinogold and Clayoo, to create 2Shapes Design for Rhino, the ultimate plugin for jewelry design on Rhino, an easy to use and powerful plugin that defies many 3D jewelry design tropes while fixing many issues of the industry.

Will you join us on our shared journey to success? 2Shapes Design for Rhino Beta can be tried for 15 days, and accessed by customers that have a 2Shapes subscription.

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