18 April 2020

2Shapes for Rhino Tutorials

2Shapes for Rhino team provides an ongoing series of tutorials to create bespoke designs with ease.

If you want to learn how to create jewelry designs using the 2Shapes for Rhino plugin in just some minutes, these step-by-step walkthroughs will teach you every parameter and command you need to enter to achieve the objective of each tutorial.


Find tutorials to design rings, earrings, pendants, bangles... Open a tutorial and find yourself immersed, creating the shown design by just following these guides.

The best part, though, is that 2Shapes is working on new tutorials every now and then, so be sure to visit their website regularly to check for new content.

Discover how 2Shapes for Rhino can empower your jewelry designing experience while using Rhino. Both solutions combine into one single powerhouse made specifically for jewelry design.

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