25 November 2020
2Shapes forums are now in your language!
Now taking part on the 2Shapes community is easier than ever

We have added a feature to our forum so you can now auto-translate topics to your language!

2Shapes is all-out supporting cultural diversity, enjoying a jewelry community that spans to over 20 countries across the world, with resellers and training centers in all those regions, helping us to spread the new jewelry sales revolution!

Using the renowned Google automatic translation technology, our official forums are now capable of translating any post to over 100 languages.

You only need to click on the 🌐 icon on any topic as shown in the image below, and you will get the topic translated.

A topic translated by the new feature

We have created a topic to let users from all around the world write in their local language, and be understood by everybody else.

Feel free to reply to this topic in your language to try this new feature, we are looking forward to reading your thoughts!

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