1 June 2018

2Shapes has a new facilities

2Shapes is a start-up with an exponential growth, and to offer the premium service that our clients deserve we had to leave our old workspace.

We are so proud to announce that 2Shapes has grown up and we have moved to a new office! Second floor, 2.1. office at Technological Park of Tecnocampus, in Mataró, is our new headquarters.

A new workplace always allows the team to aim high into new project goals, to keep focused and motivated.

How is this new space?

2Shapes new headquarters is an open concept space, that prioritizes the employees comfort to keep them motivated and refreshed. It's a flexible room, always adaptable to changes that allow a fluid communication without interrupting the workflow. The best advantage is that 2Shapes is creating a knowledge hub between developers, marketers, and financials. Being all together in the same space allows knowledge to be transmitted more quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, the Technological Park of Tecnocampus gives us the opportunity to share knowledge with other companies that may be an inspiration.

If you want to have a look at our new office, 2Shapes has just created a 3D simulation of it. Join the project and give us some suggestions for a change!

New ideas are coming up, check our website to keep updated!

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