5 March 2021
2Shapes One - Tailored to your needs
A single subscription for a single purpose!

2Shapes has made a new big move towards your comfort and convenience. After being requested by large organizations and small businesses alike, we want to make 2Shapes solutions as accessible as possible. For this reason, you can now purchase 2Shapes One, a more affordable subscription for users that only want to access just one side of the suite at a time.

2Shapes is a suite of solutions that ranges from software for stores, website builders, 3D jewelry design solutions, manufacturing management, etc... But what if you have an employee that only needs to access one of these areas instead of all of them?

For example, imagine that you have a jewelry store, and just hired a designer. It would be inefficient to purchase a whole 2Shapes Cloud subscription if the designer will only use the design side of the suite.

This is where the new subscription comes in to save the day: when you purchase 2Shapes One, you choose who do you want to apply it to, and what area from 2Shapes it will have access to.

It's a great way to invite all your team and start working together inside 2Shapes.

A single subscription for a single purpose

Do you want to purchase a 2Shapes One subscription now? Reach out to our support team and get all the help you need to set up your team on the 2Shapes suite!

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