16 September 2020

2Shapes Pricing 2.0: Taxes

Managing taxes has never been so easy!

Usually, when we talk about taxes is all laws and legal gibberish... but today's post is way different. We have the pleasure to present the easiest to set up tax system in the whole e-commerce spectrum.

Are you based on the United States and would like to sell to the States and overseas? No problem! Enter your Sales Tax ID on the new Taxes tab on 2Shapes Cloud, and get automatic rates for any location.

Long story short, now you can have your e-commerce website selling to the countries of your choosing, kick back, and let 2Shapes calculate taxes for you. Your customers will see tax rates applied automatically to the pricing based on their location.

Setting up a Tax profile

This feature was requested by many 2Shapes users. If you too have some ideas or suggestions you would see added on 2Shapes Cloud, don't hesitate to share it with us, we would love to know!

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