5 November 2018

The era of Printing Farms & Smart Factories

Learn about the smart factory concept and discover some smart manufacturing companies

During the third edition of the Barcelona In(3D)ustry last October 2018, the exhibition concluded with the talk of Printing Farms & Smart Factories.

The team of 2Shapes had the opportunity to attend the conference focused on digitalization and 4.0 Industry where a variety of companies shared their visions on additive manufacturing.

Opening with a roundtable we enjoyed the presence of Pedro Mier of Premo Group, Ramón Paricio Hernández of SEAT, Ignacio Artola Guardiola of Accenture, and Ramón Pastor of HP. Here are some ideas that we abstract that day.

But first of all, what’s a smart factory?

Aligned with the new term “smart cities” and the trend of applying open innovation models, smart factories have been born in an era of globalization and competitive pressures where digitalization is the key to survivorship.

In terms of Wikipidia smart factories are described as: a manufacturing system that enables all information about the manufacturing process to be available when it is needed, where it is needed, and in the form that it is needed across entire manufacturing supply chains, complete product life cycles, multiple industries, and small, medium and large enterprises.

Applying the term “smart” in those factories of the future that create and use data with the goal of becoming flexible and adaptable to changes.

What do the experts say?

The four managers exposed the urge to prioritize Big Data, AI and cloud computing in order to evolve a value chain. An example of the efficiency of a good implantation of Industry 4.0 technologies, Pedro Mier explained that with the implementation of it the product success raised from 45% to 69%.

We need factories with time to market agility and that can bridge production and prototyping” and here it’s where 3D printing has a crucial role on this change of the manufacturing paradigm.

Ramón Pastor from HP

Size the opportunity and pave the way for 3D and this new era with 2Shapes!

Photo from https://envisiontec.com/3d-printing-industries/professional/jewelry/
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