21 February 2022
2Shapes Webinar with Mandarino BLU
Attention to all Italian jewelry professionals!

Join the 2Shapes team and Mandarino BLU, our reseller in Italy, as we present the 2Shapes Suite, the tool that helps jewelry companies and professionals become successful and upscale their business, overcoming and differentiating from competitors.

In this webinar, we will cover briefly the different products on the 2Shapes Suite and then focus on 2Shapes for Rhino, the next generation of 3D CAD software for jewelry from the creator of RhinoGold.

Mandarino BLU offers all kinds of solutions for design-specific professionals, such as Rhino, 2Shapes, ZBrush, V-Ray. And also offers a wide array of courses to get you started and master these products.

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