20 January 2020
3DSistem - 2Shapes Relleser in Italy
We are very glad to announce that 3DSistem will now will now include 2Shapes Cloud and in their catalog

We are very glad to announce that 3DSistem will now will now include 2Shapes Cloud and in their catalog. 2Shapes is excited to join forces with a company like 3DSistem, with their industry experience and awesome team! They have done an amazing job dedicating a page on their website for 2Shapes Cloud

3D Sistem web

In addition to 2Shapes Cloud, 3DSistem also offers in its website interesting solutions like Rhino, Clayoo, Rhinogold, and a vast catalog of 3D equipment, ranging from 3D printers, 3D scanners, to CNC machines.

We suggest to visit their website on www.3dsistem.it and delve into their astonishing software and hardware catalog. 3DSistem also offers training course, individual training sessions, and many other ways to easily master their great assortment of software displayed on the website.

We have asked some questions to Giovanni Morrone, about its company and 2Shapes:

2Shapes 11:16 am Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
Giovanni 11:18 am

I'm Giovanni Morrone I deal with technical assistance / consultancy and training on 3D peripherals and modeling software; laser cutting and welding machines. I started dealing with CAD-CAM software and systems since 2004, since then I have been fascinated by this new world that was opening up before me. In the various years, despite being in a region far from an important industrial sector, I began to collaborate with various companies in the CAD-CAM sector and builders of 3D systems worldwide. For about a year I have been dealing with the development and construction of 3D printers; CNC milling machines; Laser engraving and cutting machines.

2Shapes 11:20 am What products do you offer?
Giovanni 11:20 am

The products I supply are divided into various sectors: Artistic artisan (goldsmith) and manufacturing Mechanic Dental doctor

2Shapes 11:21 am How do you offer your products? Online or offline?
Giovanni 11:22 am

Online and also at the customer site.

2Shapes 11:22 am In what area (geographically) do you offer your products?
Giovanni 11:23 am


2Shapes 11:24 am Do you offer training courses for 2Shapes?
Giovanni 11:25 am

Yes. Training courses are provided at my office or by the customer

2Shapes 11:26 am Who is your typical customer?
Giovanni 11:26 am

Artisan and Goldsmith Companies, Designers, and Students and teachers.

2Shapes 11:27 am What are the best features of 2Shapes in your opinion?
Giovanni 11:28 am

The simplicity of use and an immediate vision of the model give people who have never used or drawn on a 3D modeling software, to be able to immediately transform any model from the library by creating its jewel in real time and also manage associated production costs before execution.

2Shapes 10:29 am Why do you offer 2Shapes to your customers?
Giovanni 11:30 am

In addition to providing execution speed, an online ecommerce can be managed internally, a real 360 ° innovation.

2Shapes is very excited having yet another reseller to offer local support that has a deep understanding of the local needs and requirements unique to each region.

Thank you 3DSistem for the effort and support you give to 2Shapes and our Community!

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