3 September 2019
5 Trends that are changing Today's Jewelry Consumption
5 Trends that are changing Today's Jewelry Consumption

Jewelry stores must adjust their strategies to consumer expectations. Customers consumption is changing every day and jewelry shops have to be able to keep up with the times.

What are the 5 trends that are changing today’s jewelry consumption?

1. Status and Uniqueness.

Consumers don’t want mass-produced jewelry they what pieces that make them feel unique. But they are not able to find it easily. This is why they are opting for simple, basic and better quality things. Is your jewelry shop offering unique pieces?


2. Consumers are aware.

Consumers have become more responsible for their consumption and the impact of it on the environment. This means that they are looking for ways to make ‘’positive’’ consumptions decisions -cruelty-free, vegan, etc.-

3.Digital consumers

Digital communication tools and social media are increasing day by day, not only in the professional but also on the personal environment. 
The transformation of digital media and technology, which has evolved over the past decade from “facilitating communication” to creating new and multidimensional forms of interaction, will continue to create new collective experiences and shape the way consumers connect and collaborate.

45% of people share photos and their videos every week, while in 2015 it was 38%

Is your jewelry store shareable?

4. ‘’Let me do it’’- Consumers want to be self-sufficient

Consumers want to be self-sufficient in all the fields, which will change how the products are sold and how are they promoted. 
Now consumers are looking for simple and effective solutions that fit their needs. To achieve personal happiness these consumers are willing to spend more if needed.

5. Everyone is an expert

Nowadays, where everything is at one-click, consumers know they can rely on instant information to decide their purchases. The relationship between retailer and consumer has changed. If many years ago they were looking for certain brands or specialists they could trust to make their decisions, now highly informed consumers make decisions on their own and talk to each other for advice and information.


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