4 November 2020

2Shapes Cloud: All-in-one Ecommerce

The 2Shapes sales team was talking with a customer last week, that told us that she was spending a crazy amount of money setting up an ecommerce website, before discovering that 2Shapes included by default all the services she purchased to make her past website.

Here you have a list of some services, plugins and other solutions she purchased, in comparison to 2Shapes:

Features Traditional Ecommerce 2Shapes Cloud
Host a domain for your website ~15€ Included
Ecommerce theme ~175€ Included
Ecommerce platform ~29€/month Included
Site analytics software ~89€/month Included
Product customization service ~20€/month Included
Automatic pricing calculation ~30€/month Included
Automatic tax rate calculation ~20€/month Included
ROUGH SUM 2,256€/year 999€/year

2Shapes Cloud halves the cost of a traditional Ecommerce platform, and is a single centralized solution which means you don't have over 5 different solutions, and that our support team will gladly help you, regardless of the cause of the issue.

You can see more details about the 2Shapes Ecommerce here:

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