19 December 2018
Are class rings interesting to new generations?
Are class rings interesting to new generations?

Graduation rings or class rings is a tradition originated in 1835 at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. At that time, students had a single option but now is a highly customizable accessory for students which are given a few weeks to choose the stone, sides, engraving, and designs that represent themselves the most.

For the sides’ choice the students have the chance to tell the world about their interests and in the future can provide an instant snapshot of who they were in high school. Here we list just a few of the most typical options:

  • Academic-themed designs

  • School mascots

  • Sports

  • Arts and Music

  • Clubs

  • Religion-specific designs

  • Sides celebrating your heritage

  • Astrological signs

  • Hobbies

In some parts of America (usually the in the South of USA), the tradition is so powerful that they celebrate ring ceremonies for the occasion.

This American tradition is changing, and companies like Jostens are trying to keep up with it. “There are not as many class rings that are sold today as there were 30 years ago," confirms Ann Carr, the chief marketing officer at Jostens, one of a few companies that dominate the U.S. academic memento market.

Josten Rings Source: Josten

In consequence, new designs are emerging to fit with actual trends that look nothing like the classic thick band with a large stone. Some of the newest looks include rings with prominent diamonds for extra bling.

As Fashionista said in it’s post: “Ultimately, what Jostens and its competitors have to market (and hope never dies out) is the emotional significance of class rings, and that's been an easier sell in the parts of the country you'd probably guess.”

Source: https://fashionista.com/2018/07/class-rings-jostens-jewelry-business https://teens.lovetoknow.com/Graduation_Rings

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