16 April 2021
Automatic Canada taxes in 2Shapes
2Shapes now calculates Canada taxes automatically!

Selling jewelry in Canada is easier than ever with the new 2Shapes update, which adds automatic tax calculation for Canadian businesses that wish to sell across their country with the ever-amazing 2Shapes Ecommerce websites.

With an increasing number of jewelers using 2Shapes in Canada, and after receiving some requests, you can now type in your Business Number on the taxes section from 2Shapes Pricing, and then select this tax configuration from your 2Shapes Ecommerce.

Here's how to do it:

1. First, access 2Shapes Pricing, and go to the Taxes section, there click on the plus icon to create a new tax configuration.

The taxes section in 2Shapes Pricing

2. Now that it's created, click on it, type a name, add a description, select the "We are a Canadian company and focus in Canada", choose your province, and enter your Business Number. Save your changes when you are done.

Editing a tax configuration in 2Shapes Pricing

3. Then, open 2Shapes Ecommerce, select the website you want to apply these taxes.

Websites created with 2Shapes Ecommerce

4. Next, click on the gear icon located above your Pages to open the Settings from this website.

Editing a website created with 2Shapes Ecommerce

5. Finally, go to the Pricing section, and select the tax configuration under the Taxes area. Save when you are done to apply your changes.

Selecting the tax configuration

That's it! Now this Ecommerce will calculate and show taxes to Canadian customers, making the purchase experience smooth and amazing.

We would love to help you get started, and so we have created the Onboarding Plan, a consultancy plan where you will meet an specialist that will help you personally set up your business in 2Shapes.

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