7 October 2020

2Shapes Designer 2.0 - Automatic Renders in Full HD

Did you know that 2Shapes Cloud renders all designs and elements that you create... automatically?

Yes, you've read right, with just a couple of minutes 2Shapes Cloud will generate high-quality renders of the design in 3 metal colors and 4 different angles. And now, with the most recent update, it makes each of these renders on 2K resolution!

Render on yellow gold
Render on white gold
Render on rose gold

Rose gold render front view
Rose gold render side view
Rose gold render top view

For those of you who don't know what render means, it's basically a beautiful, realistic picture of your design, generated by a computer.

By standard means, and if you ask any digital artist, if you want a good Full HD render of your design, you would have to wait several minutes and also remain still without doing anything with your device, because 3D rendering requires a lot of power from your computer. But with 2Shapes... That's another story entirely, as you can let 2Shapes render your designs in 2K res while you create others, or do anything that you want really.

2Shapes Cloud can automatically generate renders because all calculations are done in our servers (not in your computer), 2Shapes Cloud is a solution on the cloud (as the name implies) that doesn't require anything from your device, and this makes possible to use 2Shapes on computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs... But let's return to rendering.

These renders will be stored in the info menu in your designs, or the renders tab on your Designer Studio, where you can download them and, -as they have a great resolution-, share them on social networks, add them to your 2Shapes E-commerce, and even publish them on the 2Shapes Renders page, isn't that awesome?

Info menu as shown on a design

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