13 January 2020
Cadwax - 2Shapes Reseller in the UK
We are very glad to announce that Cadwax will now include 2Shapes Cloud in their catalog.

We are very glad to announce that Cadwax will now include 2Shapes Cloud in their catalog. 2Shapes is excited to join forces with a company like Cadwax, with their industry experience and awesome staff! They have done an amazing job dedicating a page on their website for 2Shapes Cloud.

Cadwax web

In addition to 2Shapes Cloud, Cadwax also offers in its website interesting solutions like Rhino, VisualARQ, XirusCAD, madCAM Enscape and many others.

We suggest to visit their website on https://cadwax.com/brands.html and delve into their astonishing software catalog. Cadwax also offers training courses for the great assortment of software they display on their website.

We have asked some questions to Keith Reffell, sales director of Cadwax, about its company and 2Shapes:

2Shapes 10:20 pm Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
Keith 10:22 pm

My name is Keith and I am the sales director of cadwax.com. We offer a range of software which are used in product design, 3d printing, manufacture, and presentation.

2Shapes 10:20 pm What products do you offer?
Keith 10:20 pm

2Shapes, Rhino3d, VisualArq, XirusCAD, Bongo, Moi3d, xNURBS, MadCAM, Enscape, Flamingo and Brazil.

2Shapes 10:20 pm How do you offer your products? Online or offline?
Keith 10:21 pm

Online and Offline

2Shapes 10:20 pm In what area (geographically) do you offer your products?
Keith 10:21 pm

UK and Northern Ireland

2Shapes 10:21 pm Do you offer training courses for 2Shapes?
Keith 10:22 pm

Yes, we are generally asked to supply specific training around a current project for individuals and groups.

2Shapes 10:22 pm Who is your typical customer?
Keith 10:22 pm

We are often approached by professionals and students looking for expert advice and support

2Shapes 10:23 pm What are the best features of 2Shapes in your opinion?
Keith 10:23 pm

Combining quick modelling and rendering with eCommerce.

2Shapes 10:23 pm Why do you offer 2Shapes to your customers?
Keith 10:22 pm

I have known the team behind 2Shapes for many years and they always deliver an exceptional product whilst fully understating their customers end goals.

2Shapes is very excited having yet another reseller to offer local support that has a deep understanding of the local needs and requirements unique to each region.

Thank you Cadwax for the effort and support you give to 2Shapes and our Community!

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