23 July 2021
Create Designs with Textures on 2Shapes
An amazing tool to achieve wonderful effects!

2Shapes Design for Rhino introduces a set of tools for the most demanding jewelry designers. One of them is Texture 3D, a command that allows you to create a 3D model out of an image thanks to the groundbreaking technology from 2Shapes.

With Texture 3D, you can create bespoke designs with ease, from contemporary signet rings with pyramid patterns, scaly rings resembling reptile skin, or even pendants like honeycomb with edgy spikes around it to achieve the ultimate bold look.

A contemporary signet ring with pyramid patterns
*A contemporary signet ring
A scaly ring resembling reptile skin
*A modern ring with scales
A honeycomb-like pendant with edgy spikes around it
*A pendant with edgy spikes

Possibilities are infinite! Even more when we include by default 20 textures for you to use. Have we mentioned that you can import your own textures too? Because you can! In fact, here you have three textures to try out. To download them, right-click on them, save them on your computer, and follow these steps.

A weave texture
*Weave texture
A snake texture
*Snake texture
A hex texture
*Hex texture

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