22 January 2021
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Did you know that 20% of 1,015 US jewelry consumers didn't know about the term artisanal mining?

This was found out thanks to a survey made by MVI Marketing, sponsored by Alliance for Responsible Mining, our partner Rio Grande, and covered in a most interesting JCK article by Rob Bates, News Director of the magazine.

A stack of gold ingots

The poll was answered by people aged 25-50 with an income greater than $50,000, that had purchased over $200 worth of jewelry in the past three years.

Like the trend usually indicates, it was found that young adults are more interested in the origin of gold and the social impact of its extraction, compared to older generations.

We found other interesting notes:

Men tend to consider more the social and environmental impact of extracting gold.
Although still low, it's increasing the awareness for recycled gold.
Generally, interviewees didn't know that options for certified responsible artisanal gold were available.
Once unaware people knew about responsible options, more than half of the interviewees opened to them.
75% of respondents noted that they will spend more on responsible-mined gold, but only if it was less than 10% pricier, and more rarely answered to spend 11% or more.

And this gets to our point. This insight is an amazing opportunity for storytelling. Give off interesting insights about the products your customers are buying in order to increase its value, to make it more unique.

A product with a story, is not just some random item your customer found in your store, it's the statement that chose your customer by destiny to make it part of his long-lasting legacy.

What are your thoughts, will you explain the tale of your products to your customers? If you want to learn how 2Shapes can help you with that, send us an email, call us, or have a quick meeting with one of our business specialists.


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