26 March 2021
2Shapes Design for Rhino - Design faster
Let inspiration drive your hands

Our objective with 2Shapes Design for Rhino is to make it as fast and easy-to-use, yet complete and powerful as it can get.

One of the main accomplishments that make this possible is the Middle Button command. By pressing the middle button (the scroll wheel) on your mouse, 2Shapes Design for Rhino opens a radial menu, where you can see the most used commands for bespoke jewelry design.

The middle button being used in a design on 2Shapes Design for Rhino
*A design featuring cutters made with 2Shapes Design for Rhino.

With this command, you can focus on your work, without having to navigate menus, or look at other places. A true live saver for those who get distracted easily, or just want to enjoy the ultimate jewelry design experience.

2Shapes Design for Rhino is made to take care of tedious processes and optimizing workflows, so you can focus on creating your bespoke designs.

Designing with 2Shapes Design for Rhino is a breeze, even for newcomers to CAD modeling!

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