30 October 2020
Say hello to the 2Shapes Designer Studio 2.0
The highly anticipated Designer Studio 2.0 is now available on 2Shapes!

The highly anticipated Designer Studio 2.0 is now available on 2Shapes!

Yes we know, 2.0 sounds so 2005... but we had to differentiate it somehow from our last studio because we have added some many improvements and new features, that it's a completely new studio.

Here you have some of the changes we've made:

  1. Outliner
  2. Automatic renders
  3. Custom renders
  4. Design details
  5. New design
  6. Download design
  7. Duplicate and edit


We have remade the Outliner to make it resemble the 2Shapes for Rhino Outliner. It's opened by default, and you will see three tabs there: Elements, Render, and Details.

On Elements, you have the global parameters of your design, and the actual elements that form your model. Additionally, if you click on the green bar, you will edit the element, and if you select the arrow pointing left, you will see all its available options.

The Render tab contains all the renders from your design, the ones that 2Shapes makes automatically, and the ones you make manually.

And the Details tab is where you have the information about your design, from its name, SKU, slug, tags, and notes.


Automatic Renders

You now have access to the automatic renders when editing your designs, to find them, open your Outliner (already opened by default), and click on the Render tab (the one in the middle). If you see the tab empty, you will have to wait a couple of minutes for 2Shapes to generate them on the background.


Custom Renders

Now making renders with 2Shapes is easier than ever! Just adjust your viewport on the angle and distance you want, search for the Create a render icon on the toolbar, and click on it.

2Shapes will start calculating, and in a few minutes, you will have a high-quality render stored under the Render tab, on your Outliner.


Design details

You can also see and edit all the details of a design when you are inside the Studio. On this tab, you can edit its name, add an SKU for standardizing its name, add tags to me it easier to find, and you have a place to write notes that your customers will not see.


New design

This is a new feature that will allow you to start working on a new design without having to leave the Studio. Note that you will have to save your progress before creating a new design or otherwise you will lose your progress.

The New design icon

Download design

With this button you can download the design on either STL or 3DM, without having to leave the Studio.

The Download design icon

Duplicate and edit

This was a highly requested feature by some designers, it allows you to duplicate this design, and edit the copy. Note that you will have to save your progress before duplicating your design or otherwise you will lose your progress.


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