2 October 2020

2Shapes Designer Studio 2.0 - Custom renders

Get ready for more news regarding the new version of the Designer Studio!

The newest update for the Designer Studio has brought many new features, and one of them is Custom Renders, a very easy to use tool that will allow you to make your own renders.

Renders are basically images made from 3D models. 2Shapes Cloud can transform any of your designs into a wonderful, super-realistic image you can share on social media, use them on your collections, or add them to your Designer Profile, among many possibilities.

Although 2Shapes Cloud makes high-quality renders from your designs in 3 metal colors automatically, you can also choose an angle, distance, and metal color, and create a custom render of your design.

To do so, you should edit one of your designs, move and rotate the viewport to achieve your desired perspective, and then click on the Create a Render icon. You can now move on and do other things (including leaving the Studio) while the 2Shapes servers calculate your render.

The Renders tab

Note that this process may take a few minutes, your internet connection will determine the speed in which you receive the finished rendered image.

You can find all the stored renders of a design, accessing the Designer Studio, in the Render tab under the Outliner.

If you want to learn more awesome features added with the Studio Designer 2.0 update, please check out the post Say hello to the 2Shapes Designer Studio 2.0.

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