16 October 2020

2Shapes Designer Studio 2.0 - Pricing

Get ready for more news regarding the new version of the Designer Studio!

The newest update for the Designer Studio has brought many new features, and one of them is Pricing, a panel where you will see how much it would cost to manufacture your design.

When designing with traditional designing solutions you don't use to have much practical information, but with 2Shapes you get a full-detail glossary of costs and prices related to your design, be it information from its stones (if any), how much it will cost every single stage of manufacturing this piece, and what price would have on your 2Shapes Store or Ecommerce.

WIth this panel by your side, you can create cost-effective products, with optimized prices, and ready to add to your catalog!

To open this panel, you should edit or create a design, next, click on the Options icon on the top-right corner of the Studio, and then select the last tab.

The Pricing panel

Note that the Pricing panel will only work if you have an active Manufacturing and Markup profiles, and if you have matching stones in your inventory.

If you want to learn more awesome features added with the Studio Designer 2.0 update, please check out the post Say hello to the 2Shapes Designer Studio 2.0.

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