9 October 2020

2Shapes Designer Studio 2.0 - SKUs

Get ready for more news regarding the new version of the Designer Studio!

The newest update for the Designer Studio has brought many new features, and one of them is SKUs, the best way to keep your design library tidy and standardized.

SKUs are a unique identifier or code that refers to a single item. It is used in the field of inventory management as a way to keep stock items ordered using various criteria.

But on 2Shapes is serves a greater purpose, it allows you to standardize the name, slug, and tags of your designs. You can add SKUs to any design if you edit it, and on the Outliner, click on the Details tab.

There you will find the SKU field where you can enter these numbers:

Number First (type of piece) Second (stone setting) Third (main gem shape) Fourth (gemset)
01 Classic Ring Solitaire Round Basket
02 Earring Huggies Oval Peghead
03 Pendant Cluster Pear Bezel
04 Bracelet

For example, entering 01-01-01-0 you would get a → Solitaire → Ring → with a Round Diamond → on a Basket Setting.

Or typing 01-02-01-01 you would get a → Cathedral → Ring → with a Round Diamond → on a Basket Setting.

A design with the SKU 01-01-01-01

If you want to learn more awesome features added with the Studio Designer 2.0 update, please check out the post Say hello to the 2Shapes Designer Studio 2.0.

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