14 October 2020

2Shapes Designer Studio 2.0 - Tags

Get ready for more news regarding the new version of the Designer Studio!

The newest update for the Designer Studio has brought many new features, and one of them is Tags, the best way to sort and identify your designs by its characteristics.

Tags are a system to identify items and make them easier to find. By adding tags such as Ring, Pendant, or Earring, can greatly help your customers to find the designs it is looking for on large collections.

On 2Shapes, Tags can be added to your designs when you are editing them, inside the new Designer Studio. To add tags to a design, you should find the Details tab on the Outliner, click on it, and then just type the tags you want on its field.

Note that you will need to separate tags by pressing the space key.

Adding some tags to a design

If you want to learn more awesome features added with the Studio Designer 2.0 update, please check out the post Say hello to the 2Shapes Designer Studio 2.0.

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