19 November 2021
Designing Jewelry with 2Shapes for Rhino Webinar
New 2Shapes for Rhino webinar coming up!
Designing Jewelry with 2Shapes for Rhino

In this webinar you will learn the most exciting tools of 2Shapes for Rhino applied to authentic designs. In addition, you will uncover the new additions to 2Shapes for Rhino 2.0 and what new tools are coming in the following versions.

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for all professionals in the jewelry industry looking for the best tools for jewelry design. Some of the most interested may include Jewelry designers, Jewelry store owners, Jewelry manufacturers, Jewelry students.

Watch the webinar live on YouTube, 30th November at 5PM CET: https://youtu.be/olfrPnaEB5c

Designing Jewelry with 2Shapes for Rhino

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