12 January 2019
Digital Ring Sizer PerfectFit Designed to Integrate With E-Comm
Digital Ring Sizer PerfectFit Designed to Integrate With E-Comm

E-commerce jewelry is increasingly growing up for online customers. Many big retailers of this industry as James Allen or Blue Nile offer a huge variety of diamonds, engagement rings, and wedding rings, but, the distance between the customer and the seller might be a barrier sometimes.

The main problem when shopping jewelry online at the purchase time is What's your finger size? If customers are not used to buying jewelry or they simply don't have this information available, for them is very difficult to know what's their ring size. That's why PerfectFit has arrived with a solution able to integrate with e-commerce.

The product

In December 2018, a technology company called Radius Technologies launched a mobile-compatible ring sizer designed to plug into jewelry retailers' existing mobile stores.

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PerfectFit, the digital sizer, can accurately measure any finger to 1/8 of a size. This new technology is accessible to everyone anywhere and easy to use for customers and sellers. It would perfectly be integrated with both jewelry websites and jewelry stores.

How does it work?

PerfectFit it's very easy to use. First, you choose your gender, then you lay your finger on the screen and, using the plus and minus signs, direct the lines to hug the shape of your finger.

This new technology can be the solution for reducing the number of rings returns a retailer has to field (due to fit issues). Additionally, the plug-in also collects and stores the data of every consumer who uses it, so jewelry stores can use this information to make their own statistics.

Source: https://www.jckonline.com/editorial-article/digital-ring-sizer-perfectfit/

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