1 April 2021
2Shapes Ecommerce - Effortless success
The best partner for online jewelry businesses

Can you picture yourself writing on your computer, slow music playing in the background, fire crackling in your hearth, rain pouring outside... When you realize you have been working only for 10 minutes, and you've already finished setting up your eCommerce.

This is more than possible with 2Shapes, as a matter of fact, jewelers that create their website with the 2Shapes Suite, find themselves comfortably launching their website one day after they started.

Such is the power and efficiency of 2Shapes.

2Shapes Ecommerce websites look amazing no matter the device you use

What do you need to start your jewelry business apart from the legal filler required by your government?

1. Products to sell

With a default library of 2,000 designs, and the ability to set up your own products and designs, 2Shapes allows you to create marvel over the possibilities while you create an amazing catalogue under 10 minutes.

2. A website to sell your products

Having 2Shapes Ecommerce by your side, you can create your own unique website, a site to call the virtual home for your brand, where you can showcase designs and products, and sell to customers across the world.

3. Calculate prices and taxes for your orders

This is automated by 2Shapes, under the Pricing app, you will find the place where you should enter your information, so 2Shapes can later calulate costs, prices, taxes, and even delivery times for every order.

If under 1 hour, you can make your business go live with a decent setup, can you imagine what could you achieve with a day or two of work?

We would love to help you get started, and so we have created the Onboarding Plan, a consultancy plan where you will meet an specialist that will help you personally set up your business in 2Shapes.

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2Shapes covers all tiers from small businesses to worldwide brands. Cutting edge technologies in reach of any business.