7 December 2020
2Shapes has even more Elements!
We have a gift waiting for you!

To thank the great support and success 2Shapes Cloud and 2Shapes for Rhino are having across the world, we want to give you 30 awesome Classic and Cathedral shanks you can use to create your own designs, or offer to your clients as customization options!

They are based on the most requested features and styles by our users, here you can see some of them:

One of the shanks waiting for you on 2Shapes
ne of the shanks waiting for you on 2Shapes
ne of the shanks waiting for you on 2Shapes

You can see these brand-new Elements, accessing the Designer module, on the Elements tab.

The Elements tab under the Designer module

Now, if you have a subscription on 2Shapes Cloud, you will have over 2000 designs at your disposal, designing jewelry will be easier than ever. Also, with so many premade elements, you will be able to easily create collections full of beautiful designs, which will add the "wow" effect to your physical and online store.

Are you one of the few that yet don't have a subscription for 2Shapes Cloud? Don't be the last and contact us to jumpstart your business before your competitors do!

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