29 January 2021
Gorudoteknomate - 2Shapes Reseller in India
Meet our new partner!

We are very glad to announce that Gorudoteknomate will now include the 2Shapes solutions in their catalog. We are very excited to join forces with an organization like Gorudoteknomate, with their industry experience and amazing expertise!

Gorudoteknomate's website
*Gorudoteknomate's website

Feel free to contact them to learn how 2Shapes can boost your business, all by the hands of these masters of the sector.

We suggest to visit their website on https://gorudotek.com and read more about their services.

We have asked some questions to Guru Rao, owner of Gorudoteknomate, about its company and 2Shapes:

2Shapes 11:09 am Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
Guru 11:10 am

I am an application Engineer and Technical consultant. I have 30 years industrial experience and founded Gorudoteknomate in 2017.

Guru 11:10 am

Always look for new application on exisitng products and developing new clients.

Guru 11:11 am

Technical consultancy on Jewellery manufacturing process including handmade and machine made. Consultancy on New manufacturing facility CAD factory layout to manufacturing finishing process.

Guru 11:12 am

Technical consultancy on Dental oral manufacturing sector.

Guru 11:12 am

Working with supplier on development of new products based on customer feedback inputs.

Guru 11:12 am

Working with Designers to develop New ideas of jewellery.

Guru 11:13 am

Always look for new application on exisitng products and developing new clients.

Guru 11:13 am

Part of Experteze Educational Program. (www.experteze.org)

2Shapes 11:14 am What services do you offer?
Guru 11:14 am

Trading and technical supporting of CAD CAM, Related softwares, Jewellery equipments, Medical equipments, Manufacturing of Environment control and plating equipments.

2Shapes 11:14 am How do you offer your services; online or offline?
Guru 11:16 am

Currently offering products to customers one on one.
Promoting products by virtual promotions.
On-line sales and New website launched in January 2021.
Partipations of Exhibitons.

2Shapes 11:17 am In what area do you offer your products?
Guru 11:17 am

We provide 2Shapes to any professional across India.

2Shapes 11:18 am What training courses do you offer?
Guru 11:19 am

We have plans to start Jewellery school in Coimbatore (jewellery manufacturing hub).
We do promotion in education sector (for jewellery institutions).

2Shapes 11:19 am Who is your typical customer?
Guru 11:20 am

Jewellers, Medical and Industrial sectors

2Shapes 11:22 am What are the best features of 2Shapes in your opinion?
Guru 11:23 am

Raster to Vector, Library functions of shanks, collets (& much more objects), Surface texturing, Gem creator, and its library.

2Shapes 11:24 am Why do you offer 2Shapes training?
Guru 11:24 am

Customer can create there imagination designs at quick face. Wide range of tools helping customer to create N number of designs.

2Shapes is very excited to have yet another partner, especially being Gorudoteknomate, becoming one of our increasing number of local resellers and training centers that offer 2Shapes.

Thank you Guru for the effort and support you give to 2Shapes and our Community!

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