7 May 2019

How can you adapt your jewelry store in an easy and economical way to social change?

‘’Innovate or die’’ has been the catchphrase of the 21st Century. Usually when businessmen listen to the word innovation think on costs, risk, changes or hipsters. But, what is it innovation?

Innovation is adapt our business to social change so, innovation is all that adds or creates value to our costumers.

How can you adapt your jewelry store in an easy and economical way to social change? 

The first questions you have to answer is: What your potential customers want? How do they want to feel? Or, much important, Who or How they want to be?

Once you have the answer to it, offer them the jewelry which fits them better.  Taking into account that exists an unlimited number of likes and personalities, it's difficult or almost impossible to have in stock all the jewelry that will fit better with all types of customers we have. (and if possible it would be inefficient) 

What 2Shapes purposes you are having the less stock possible, only for those who need a last-minute jewel.  Instead of having the stock you need an iPad, laptop or whatever with Internet access and also with 2Shapes App. Why?  

You will able to customize and create the perfect jewelry in store with your customers. Yeah, real-time designing with your customers. Your customer will get involved throughout all the designing process and will establish a personal bond with the jewel. This will lead your store to higher customer loyalty.

In other sectors, the same consumers can quickly develop links with the products they buy, imagine a cellphone, sneakers, a car. 

This is not happening in jewelry. That is the reason why 2Shapes is created with the vision of putting your customer to the center of your product-design process creating customized jewelry, to satisfy all the different likes and dislikes.

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