17 September 2019
How to Face: ROPO
How to Face the ROPO

We’ve demonstrated that customers are increasingly online before making an offline purchase (ROPO), and it presents a huge opportunity for eCommerce. 
But how a jewelry store can take advantage of this phenomena? 
Below you will find some techniques that you can use to capitalize on ROPO consumer behavior. 

Create Research Aids

One of the best things you can do is provide value ahead of time by creating free guides that position your products well. 
You can explain what makes your store different than the others, which is your added value– quality, customer experience, price, etc.–

Use ‘’Calls to actions’’

Calls to Action (CTA’s) are used to incentive the consumer to buy. As we said in the previous post people use to look for discounts, exclusive products, new collections. Create temporary discounts can help with your marketing strategy. 

 Focus on the Reviews

Your customers normally review products on only one platform. To succeed, you need to select with the platform makes the most sense for you to incentívate your customers (before a purchase) to let a comment there. Typically Google or your distributor point (your eCommerce). 
Don’t create fake reviews, only is needed a suspicion about the veracity of your reviews can affect negatively your online reputation.

 Respond to Negative Reviews

If you have negative reviews, you need an active genuine response to those. It is best to speak in your brand’s voice, make right the costumer, and clarify the situation. 

Do you want to know more about ROPO? Check it now!


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