2 July 2019
How to Improve your Instagram Visibility
How to Improve your Instagram Visibility

On another blog, we talked about Instagram as the best social network to promote jewelry collections. In fact, Instagram is the channel with the higher growth rate. 

As of June 2018, Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users (TechCrunch, 2018). That’s a big milestone for the mainly mobile photo sharing network! More than 500 million active users are using the platform daily. As of now, the Instagram app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide.  71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram app are under the age of 35 (Statista, 2019)

But How to improve your visibility on this Network?

1. Organize your profile and follow your brand image! 

Not only is basic to include high-quality photos and videos in every post but also organize them! Present an organize your collections originally. There are multiple ways of doing it, let your imagination fly. You can get inspired on other profiles, but don't copy! You must transmit your brand identity, not the others one.  Brand identity is one of the most powerful marketing tools!

To maintain a consistent and memorable branding is essential that you always maintain the use of your color and corporate typography. It is very attractive to see an Instagram account where there are certain visual structures that are repeated. For this, you can use patterns or templates in which to simply replace the photograph and the text. These templates are very useful to unify our image galleries and thanks to them we achieve that our brand image lasts in the memory of our followers.

On Instagram, your brand must be consistent with the rest of the publications you make. Do not break with your style guide and make sure that your source colors match everything we wanted to reflect when you created your company's brand. 

Consistency is the key to the visual strategy of your business. If you do not know how to make templates for Instagram, 2Shapes will help you. 

Here you have great Instagram examples as @tousjewelry @tiffanyandco and @laagam. The last one it is not a jewelry brand, but its a clear example about can sentences can perfectly fit with photos! 

2.   # 

#Do #not #put #hastags #everywhere Discover for what hashtags you will be able to improve your reach.   Including hashtags ensures that posts are at least searchable. A mix of branded, product and community hashtags represents the perfect match to boost engagement. 

#Love #Summervibes #cut #instagood #tbt … have a lot of competition and a lot of content is generated around it. Using it, you will only attract BOTS!  Remember that, not only is important your reach but your audience. 

Add # to your Instagram Stories!! 

3. Social networks are social

Find the right spaces: Friends, Equals, Influents, and Mass media. (Who supports you, who you can get inspired on, and who can promote you). To find it you can filter through the specific #. You can only look for people with your same interest through Instagram Explore, but not always work! To do it tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen to go to Search.

Scroll down to explore posts and videos you might like from accounts you're not already following.

Tap the search bar at the top to search for people, hashtags, places and events that interest you

4. Look for new formulas constantly 

Instagram is constantly changing, adding new features and switching up their algorithm.

If Instagram updates something new, be the first on using it! If Instagram introduces, surveys on their stories, use it, the same with the Instagram countdown timer, etc. Take into account that either you are the first one or you do everything very different. Everything else will be predictable.

Use Instastories!  73% of influencers named Instagram Stories among the most effective content formats for influencer marketing in 2018. 

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