27 June 2019

Korean Jewelry Culture: Jade and Commas

The use of jade, as well as gold and silver dates back to many centuries ago. Jade can be found on historical pit-houses and burials scattered across the Korean Peninsula in all forms of ornaments. Back in the day, it was used to craft delicate jewelry, in forms of small comma-shaped tubes, called  곱은옥 “Gogok”, these curious shapes are known to be also made of microclinejasper, nephrite, glass, and more prehistorically from stone, clay and bone.
Within the many historical artifacts of Korea we found one to be very interesting, a vestige of the past that made his wearer of outmost importance, we are taking about the majestic Crowns of the Silla Kingdom, a  collection of various golden headpieces dating from the 5-6th century A.D. that show plenty of gogok all around the crowns, hanging from them, noting the social status of whom it wears it.
In the historical Silla Kingdom, we could find gogok on many distinguished high-end accessories of the elites of society, clearly as symbols of power and prestige worn to be praised on crowns, earrings, necklaces and belts.


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