11 March 2019
Luxury jewelry is expected to grow annually by 0,8%
Do you want it's growth be reflected in your store?

Do you want it's growth be reflected in your store?

The jewelry industry is growing fast, and expects a brilliant future, but are you ready for that future? Is there a place for everyone?

During the last years, we could see how the consumption patterns have been changing. The key in these times is not only to understand the characteristics of our costumers but also understand the evolution of demand.

Consumer appetite for jewelry, which was dampened by an antiquated and old-fashioned view of the industry.  Is for that reason that only will survive stores able to satisfy customer immediate and future needs.

So, what the customer needs? Your costumers expect to feel something special that goes beyond the purchase of jewelry. And this is a growing trend. They want to have a connection with the product, feel unique, enjoy the show purchase, live a memorable adventure. 

It may, therefore, be concluded that only the most adaptive will survive.  But those that manage to survive,  will do it in style. 

How you can change your way of selling jewelry? Turn in to an online masterclass on April 25th aimed by our CEO Rafael Del Molino and Lluc Colomo.

On the webinar, Rafael will talk about:

  • 2Shapes App. A tool that allows you to involve your customers in the earliest stage of product creation, the design.  This will lead your store to higher customer loyalty. We ensure to create a unique purchasing experience, creating bonds with our brand and differentiating ourselves from the competitors. 

  • How application works and its tools. 

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