2 December 2020
2Shapes Scope - Make sales online
Learn how 2Shapes helps you lead the jewelry sales revolution!

We recently discovered an interesting article by the JCK magazine's News Director Rob Bates, called "6 Rules for Jewelers to Make Sales Online", a collection of several recommendations that you will need to take into account when selling through your online store.

On the original source, we find Stanford Univerity's team led by B.J. Fogg commenting on these rules as seen on a De Beers' Diamond Insight Report.

When reading it, most of our staff felt that 2Shapes is quite focused on these points, and we eagerly met to discuss how 2Shapes Cloud users can accomplish these 6 rules.

Make sales online with 2Shapes

Here we summarize how 2Shapes achieves them:

1. Communicate quality at a “visceral”/emotional level

You will find plenty of tools to make this happen, if you recall some of the widgets you can use for your 2Shapes website, you may see that almost everything has an option to attach images, videos, or other resources to help you be more visual and expressive.

2. Make sure your site is easy to use

With 2Shapes focus on intuitiveness and ease of use, you will find your customers fast ordering unique personalized designs. The interface and navigation are fully optimized and though to be used by end-customers without supervision.

3. List third-party verifications and reviews

You can easily add verifications and reviews using the Testimonials widget, which lets you display your customer's feedback on your website. There are also many other ways to share third-party feedback, we have seen many of our users use widgets such as Text and Image, Media (attaching video recording of their customers), and many others.

4. Highlight that you’re a real organization staffed with real people

That's a quick check on this list. With the Team widget, you can list your staff, and display them on your website as an interactive object for your website. It's not only a great way to show that there are people behind your brand but also to present your team's qualities.

5. Demonstrate your expertise

There is no better way to show off your prowess than using cutting-edge technology such as 2Shapes. With the ability to make your own 3D catalog, let customers design their own products through a clean and gorgeous interface, or sell the wonderful products you have in stock, you can demonstrate to any customer around the world your high-standards and expertise.

6. Make it easy to get in touch

There are many ways to do this with your 2Shapes ecommerce: Either by adding your contact details to your Navbar, adding a Contact Form widget to your pages, or alternatively place a Subscribe widget to let customers send their contact details to you and drive the communication the opposite way.

What do you think of these points, can you mark them all as accomplished? Schedule now a 1 to 1 session with our specialists to know how you can jump-start your business as soon as possible.




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