1 July 2020
Mandarino BLU - 2Shapes Reseller in Italy
We are very glad to announce that Mandarino BLU will now include 2Shapes for Rhino in their training repertoire.

We are very glad to announce that Mandarino BLU will now include 2Shapes for Rhino in their training repertoire. We are very excited to join forces with an organization like Mandarino BLU, with their industry experience and amazing expertise! They have done an amazing job dedicating a page on their website for their 2Shapes for Rhino course.

Mandarino BLU website

Feel free to contact them to learn how 2Shapes can boost your business, all by the hands of these masters of the sector.

We suggest to visit their website on https://www.mandarinoblu.com and read more about their services.

We have asked some questions to Antonio Marsala, owner of Mandarino BLU, about its company and 2Shapes:

2Shapes 11:09 am Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
Antonio 11:10 am

I’ve been working in CG for 15 years, starting with Photoshop and video authoring software. After an informative experience with the Archeological Museum in Florence, I began my path in the 3D field as a complementary skill for my architectural studies. Then I was introduced to the 3D applications within fashion accessory and jewelry design. In 2009 I fell in love with generative design and try to use Grasshopper whenever possible. In order to provide a more reliable service, along with my partners, I started my Companies Mandarino BLU and Inrender.

2Shapes 11:13 am What services do you offer?
Antonio 11:13 am

As a team we provide training, consulting, and software reselling for companies, schools, and students within the design field.

2Shapes 11:14 am How do you offer your services; online or offline?
Antonio 11:16 am

We started providing online training 5 years ago despite initial skepticism for the lack of visual feedback with in-person students. After these doubts we found the right balance by giving the chance to visualize the lessons multiple times along with a complimentary tutoring service. The recent unfortunate global situation has been a stronger indicator that an online presence was the direction to go. That said, I personally can't wait to restart "in presence" activity as well.

2Shapes 11:17 am In what area do you offer your products?
Antonio 11:17 am

We are based in Florence as Mandarino BLU and in Milano as Inrender SRL. Thanks to online offerings we cover the whole of Italy as well and we have had some interesting corporations in Switzerland. We are currently negotiating opportunities in Germany, China and Kazakhstan.

2Shapes 11:18 am What training courses do you offer?
Antonio 11:19 am

We are a Rhino Authorized Training Center, and in addition to 2Shapes (the latest arrival), we provide training for V-Ray for Rhino, VisualARQ, Mesh2Surface. And of course, Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.

2Shapes 11:19 am Who is your typical customer?
Antonio 11:20 am

We are lucky, because we have the chance to work with young students for important international schools as well as companies, providing them with a tailor-made experience. While working with high qualified companies gives us a lot of satisfaction, we are always pleased by the enthusiasm of young students.

2Shapes 11:22 am What are the best features of 2Shapes in your opinion?
Antonio 11:23 am

Other than the single tool, we particularly appreciate the opportunity to work with a dynamic system. Not only with the parametric tools, but all the features that help to keep the design updated: weight, material, prices and so on. If these are the premises, we can’t wait to see how 2Shapes will develop.

2Shapes 11:24 am Why do you offer 2Shapes training?
Antonio 11:24 am

We’ve been working with TDM Solutions as a Rhinogold reseller and trainer and we were missing an intuitive and simple software that allows our customers to design in 3D without being Rhino experts. 2Shapes is the tool that we’ve been waiting for. Knowing that Rafael and his team were behind it made us confident that this was the right tool.

2Shapes is excited to have yet another training center, especially being Mandarino BLU, becoming one of our increasing number of local training centers that teach 2Shapes.

Thank you Antonio for the effort and support you give to 2Shapes and our Community!

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