5 March 2020

Masterclass by Jasmin Karger, Formlabs Jewellery Specialist and instructor in the GIA

We are very proud to announce that the next edition of the 2Shapes Hands-on Training Barcelona will feature a masterclass by Jasmin Karger, Formlabs Jewellery Specialist and instructor in the GIA.

Form 3

Jasmin Karger has always loved the arts and eventually, this led her into the jewelry field where she was trained as a traditional Goldsmith in Germany. Her love of vibrant designs and new ideas subsequently took her to London where she had the opportunity to work for well-known contemporary Jewelry artists, and currently lives. Her design and craft skills were quickly recognized and Jasmin became involved in developing collections for the retail market. In 2008, 2010 and 2012 she received awards from the Goldsmiths Company for her unusual and inspiring designs and in recognition of her understanding and application of CAD/CAM technology.

Since 2007 she has taught Jewelry Design for GIA internationally and inspired many students through her hands-on instruction in CAD/CAM technology.

2Shapes had the pleasure of speaking with Jasmin about her 3D Printing for the Jewellery Industry masterclass and how it will help our attendees to discover the importance of modern techniques to manufacture jewelry. Here you can find her own words:

Jewelry Design and Manufacturing will be covered in detail. The use of traditional skills are still in demand, but they are slowly being replaced in certain sectors of the market, such as the middle to low-end market where more than ever faster manufacturing and design methods are being relied upon. The presentation will compare the use of traditional techniques to those applied in CAD/CAM technology and highlight the benefits and disadvantages of both to those who may have experience in this area of the trade as well as those who consider themselves novices.

We will also have the opportunity to see a Form 3 in action! The newest 3D Printer from Formlabs will be displayed and used in the Hands-on Training to print a design created during the session.

Form 3

Jasmin will be teaching us on the first day of the 2Shapes Hands-on Training on Thursday 16 at 06:00 PM. Don't miss this opportunity!

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