23 February 2020

Miami Jewelry School - 2Shapes Training Center in Miami

We are very glad to announce that the Miami Jewelry School will now include 2Shapes Cloud and 2Shapes for Rhino in his training repertoire. We are very excited to join forces with an organization like the Miami Jewelry School, with their industry experience and amazing expertise

Miami Jewelry School web

Feel free to drop by or contact them to learn how 2Shapes can boost your business, all by the hands of these masters of the sector.

We suggest to visit their website on www.miamijewelryschool.com/ and read more about their services.

We have asked some questions to Marc Thrun, about their services:

2Shapes 11:12 am Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
Marc 11:12 am

Miami Jewelry School (MJS) is an established, licensed institute of learning. At MJS students are taught the technical skills necessary to manufacture, repair, remodel, and maintain jewelry. The program is intended for anyone desiring employment in the jewelry industry or become self-employed.

2Shapes 11:15 am What services do you offer?
Marc 11:16 am

MJS offers the Advanced Jewelry Technician Program, a 500 clock hour program, that focuses on four sections; Jewelry Technician, Metal Identification & Classification, Wax Modeling & Casting, and Stone Setting. Also included in the program is an introduction to Laser Welding, as well as 3-D designing/printing.

2Shapes 11:20 am How do you offer your products? Online or offline?
Marc 11:21 am

Due to the hands-on projects the curriculum offers, we are an offline institution and require our students to be physically present.

2Shapes 11:24 am In what area (geographically) do you offer your products?
Marc 11:25 am

We are located in Miami, Florida (USA)

2Shapes 11:27 am What training courses do you offer?
Marc 11:28 am

Apart from our Advanced Jewelry Technician Program, we offer Professional Development classes for our current students and alumni group. These classes range from Metal Clay to Business Basics.

2Shapes 11:32 am Who is your typical customer?
Marc 11:33 am

Our typical student is someone who is interested in learning a trade to start a career in the jewelry industry, loves to work with their hands, and enjoys creating new concepts.

2Shapes is excited to have yet another training center, especially being the Miami Jewelry School, becoming one of our increasing number of local training centers that teach 2Shapes.

Thank you Marc for the effort and support you give to 2Shapes and our Community!

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