4 June 2021
New Features on 2Shapes Design for Rhino!
A fresh new update has just landed on 2Shapes Design for Rhino bringing some sweet features.

2Shapes Design for Rhino is the most powerful jewelry plugin for the Rhino CAD software. It combines the innovative 2Shapes Design with Rhino to become the ultimate powerhouse for 3D jewelry design.

We want to highlight 2 of the new commands added on the latest update:

Advanced ring Command, elaborate designs made easy!

This command allows you to create a ring with complete freedom, precision, and flexibility. You can define different sections on your ring and make each of them use different measurements and shapes to design an elaborate and intricate ring:

Hinge, make your design open and close!

Looking for articulations? Look no further, as 2Shapes Design for Rhino now allows you to generate actually-working hinges for your bracelets, earrings, etc... Just point where you want the hinge and 2Shapes will do all the magic:

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