3 September 2021
Novedge - 2Shapes Reseller in the United States
Novedge now works with 2Shapes!

We are very glad to announce that Novedge will now include the 2Shapes solutions in its catalog. We are very excited to join forces with an organization like Novedge, with their industry experience and amazing expertise!

Novedge website
*Novedge: The Largest Selection of 3D Design Software and Solutions

Feel free to contact them to learn how 2Shapes can boost your business, all by the hands of this leading company on software solutions.

We suggest to visit their website on https://novedge.com and read more about their many products and services.

We have asked some questions to Barbara D'Aloisio, Social Media Manager and Strategist at Novedge, about her company and 2Shapes:

2Shapes 18:13 PM Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
Barbara 18:14 PM

NOVEDGE Is one of the biggest online resellers for design software in the US.

2Shapes 18:15 PM What services do you offer?
Barbara 18:16 PM

We offer over 150 brands with products that cover all aspects of design, from product design, jewelry design, architecture and interior design, to mechanical, civil, and structural engineering. We also have a wide selection of tools for visual effects, video editing, and computer graphics. As we like to say, Novedge is the one-stop-shop for design software!

2Shapes 18:17 PM How do you offer your services; online or offline?
Barbara 18:18 PM

All of our products are offered online, but unlike other online-only resellers, we have a team of salespeople available over the phone for any kind of assistance during the ordering process.

2Shapes 18:19 PM In what area do you offer your products?
Barbara 18:19 PM

Our territories are the United States and Canada. There are few exceptions for brands that we are allowed to sell worldwide.

2Shapes 18:20 PM What training courses do you offer?
Barbara 18:20 PM

We offer the 2Sahpes Factory and eCommerce & Retail Bootcamps, both excellent products.

2Shapes 18:21 PM Who is your typical customer?
Barbara 18:21 PM

Our typical customers are knowledgeable and for the most part self-sufficient. They do their homework and know they can shop in one place to fulfill all their needs as designers. We have an incredibly high returning customer rate, which means something.

2Shapes 18:23 PM What are the best features of 2Shapes in your opinion?
Barbara 18:23 PM

Well, where do we start... We love that you guys really thought of EVERYTHING. Our Rhino customers love the fact that it integrates flawlessly with Rhino. We could not agree more.

2Shapes 18:25 PM Why do you offer 2Shapes training?
Barbara 18:25 PM

Jewelry designers or jewelry eCommerce owners can't get anything comparable to 2Shapes anywhere on this planet.

2Shapes is very excited to have yet another partner, especially being Novedge, becoming one of our increasing number of local resellers and training centers that offer 2Shapes.

Thank you Barbara for the effort and support you give to 2Shapes and our Community!

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