24 April 2020

Organic Modeling on 2Shapes

Our goal at 2Shapes is to grow the business of our customers, so we are continually developing tools to achieve it.

We want to bring people to our stores, and without a doubt, we must improve the shopping experience, but also create new products, which is why design is essential.

We are working every day on 2Shapes and 2Shapes for Rhino to allow design whatever you can imagine, we focused on creating organic modeling tools.


Organic modeling refers to modeling living things, or things that should be living, plants, animals, humans, monsters, insects,.. all of these things have soft edges and not many hard, geometric areas.


The most commonly used technology for organic modeling is subdivision modeling (also known as SubD). If you would like to continue researching, I attach a link to the SubD article on Wikipedia.

From the latest update of 2Shapes for Rhino, we added a specific tab for SubD. We have included all new Rhino 7.0 SubD tools, as well as new jewelry controls, such as SubD Classic Ring and SubD Signet Ring.


We want them to learn organic modeling using SubD technology, that's why we're creating tutorials, let's start with the Dolphin Ring tutorial.

Dolphin ring tutorial and many others you can find at www.2shapes.com/learn/rhino/tutorials

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