23 November 2020
Organize your images and videos with Galleries!
Get your marketing material up and ready

A barrage of new features have been released on 2Shapes Cloud, and we would love to feature one of them on this post: Galleries, the next great feature that will be expanded over time.

We have added a new tab on the Designer module, where you can store Renders, Videos, marketing material, and many other files that will greatly help you promote your business on social media, organize source material from your 2Shapes websites, or even make collections of animations to play on your physical stores.

To access this new feature, simply head to the Designer module, and then click on the Galleries tab (the right-most tab).

The Galleries tab full of renders

Also, you will see that we will update this tab regularly with some stock images, animations, and other material, that you can use as you will.

If you want to discover more about 2Shapes Cloud, and how it can help you sell more, design more, and easily manufacture your products, feel free to contact one of our specialists and enjoy a ride on 2Shapes:

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